Our Story


Effortless, sustainable style for every day.


Hey, friend! Thank you for joining me on this sustainable fashion journey - I'm so grateful to have you be a part of our growing community. 




Akala was created to provide quality eco-friendly apparel with designs that fit every beautiful shape and size. Dreamt up in 2018, I knew I wanted to start a different kind of clothing business. Inclusive, sustainable, USA-made clothing at an attainable price point has been missing, and Akala aims to fill this gap. The name Akala is derived from my initials, Ashley Klein (AK), combined with the brand’s manufacturing location in Los Angeles (@ LA).  


We all deserve to have clothing that is designed thoughtfully, with eco-conscious and ethical practices at the core. As we invest in our futures and the planet’s, the products should have meaning and not be disposable. We want to create the next piece women get to cherish for years to come. Say hello to versatile styles for you to wear your way. Your closet just got more sustainable.


XO, Ashley




Ashley lives in Seattle with her husband and newborn son, Bennett. She studied Fashion at Purdue and FIT, and has spent a decade across the industry. Her goal is to create a new kind of fashion business that fills a gap so many customers are looking for - sustainable, size-inclusive fashion made for every day.